Animal-Related Damage in a Flood: Can Insurance Help?

Floods can affect your Kingwood, TX home at the most unexpected times and even cause animals to invade your home. What if those animals do damage to your house? Our team at Boss Insurance Agency can help you understand the ways that your insurance can protect you.

Home Insurance Does Have Limitations 

The best flood insurance should cover a myriad of different problems, but your home’s insurance doesn’t cover damage by animals. For example, if a bat or another animal gets into your house and causes problems, your insurance company will consider that preventable damage.

But what if the animals invade your home during a flood? That’s a little different because a flood is not a disaster that you can prevent as a homeowner. As a result, the whole situation changes, and any animal damage that occurs during a flood could be covered by your insurance policy.

How It Can Help With Animal Damage

During a flood, your home insurance should provide some protection against animals that get into your home and cause problems. A great policy should repair damage caused by animals who invade your home during a flood, such as:

  • Breaks in the walls caused by animals frantically escaping the flood’s water 
  • Gnawing or biting damage to your furniture or other areas of the house 
  • Frayed or damaged wiring caused by frightened animals 
  • Fecal matter left behind by animals once the floodwaters recede 

We’re Here for Your Flood-Related Damage Issues

If you’re worried about a flood affecting your Kingwood, TX home or business, reach out to our team at Boss Insurance Agency to learn more. Our team of experts will sit down with you, explain what we can do for you, and ensure that you’re properly insured against this problematic issue.