How Long Can My Adult Children Remain on My Policy?

Many families in Kingwood, TX keep their adult children on health insurance policies to ensure they have medical coverage when they become independent. The reasons for doing so include young adults not having jobs or employers that don’t offer this benefit. Most people can’t protect their adult children forever. The agents at Boss Insurance Agency can help young adults when the time comes to find their own policy.

Dependents Can Stay On a Policy Until Age 26

Anyone with a health insurance policy with dependent coverage can keep their adult children on the policy until age 26. Depending on the plan, your children may be able to stay on the plan until the end of the year when they turn 26, while others will discontinue coverage in the month of their birthday.

Adult children can stay on their parents’ health insurance plan even if they don’t live at home or have any of the following conditions:

  • Are married
  • Have their own children
  • Attend school
  • Not financially dependent on their parents
  • Have an employer who offers health insurance

Even though you can keep adult children on a policy, for some situations, getting an individual policy may make more sense if your child lives out of state where there aren’t any in-network providers.

Can My Disabled Child Stay on My Policy After Age 26?

In many cases, disabled adults can stay on their parents’ health insurance policy. Young adults may be able to continue on their parent’s plan if they have an intellectual or physical disability that prevents them from working and is financially dependent.

If you have questions about keeping children on your health insurance policy, Boss Insurance Agency will be happy to help. We serve residents of the Kingwood, TX area.