Three common misconceptions consumers sometimes have about boat insurance

Boat owners need to avoid making poor insurance decisions because of misconceptions about boat insurance. At Boss Insurance Agency, we can ensure that boat owners in Kingwood, TX get accurate information on boat insurance coverage.

Here are three common misconceptions consumers sometimes have about boat insurance. 

You should cancel boat insurance coverage when your boat is in storage.

Boat owners shouldn’t assume that they don’t need to worry about insuring their boat when their boat is in storage. Boat insurance coverage is useful when a boat is in storage because boats can become damaged while in storage.

Boat insurance providers usually offer coverage that can be specifically tailored to insurance needs while a boat is in storage during the off-season. Discuss off-season storage insurance options with your insurance provider rather than simply canceling your policy while your boat’s in storage. 

Boat insurance will definitely cover your boat if it is damaged in a hurricane.

Not all boat insurance policies include coverage for hurricane damage. You need to look at the fine print of your policy if you want to be covered for hurricane damage. You might need to add hurricane coverage on to your policy because standard boat insurance policies don’t usually include hurricane coverage. 

Boat insurance always covers the personal property you keep in your boat.

Boat insurance policies often offer some coverage for personal property within a boat. However, this will only cover you up to a certain maximum amount. That’s why it’s important to consider the value of your belongings in your boat and make sure that your policy covers you for the full value of your personal property. 

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