Condo Insurance in Texas

Do You Need Condo Insurance in Texas?

Condo insurance is not required by law. However, you may still be required to have condo insurance in Texas. Your condo association may require a policy. Condo associations are usually required to have insurance. It typically won't include most fixtures, and it doesn’t cover the replacement of your personal property. While you may not be required to carry insurance to protect these items, it can help protect yourself.

What Is Covered by Condo Insurance in Texas?

Your policy can vary depending on the coverage you select and what you need based on your specific condo association. An agent at Boss Insurance Agency in Kingwood, TX can help you figure out which coverage is best.

  • Dwelling: Your coverage will usually include damage to the items that are permanently affixed to the condo that aren’t covered under the association’s policy. This can consist of countertops and flooring and improvements you have made to the condo.
  • Personal Property: This coverage will protect your belongings if they are damaged or stolen. Either while in the condo or outside. It can include furniture, technology, clothing, and other home furnishings.
  • Loss Assessment: If there is damage to or within common areas that are your responsibility, then the condo association will ask for an assessment if the cost exceeds their coverage limits. Your condo insurance policy should have loss assessment coverage that you can use to pay for any losses that will exceed the policy limits of your association.
  • Personal Liability: If you have a lawsuit filed against you for damage to someone’s property or injurIes, then your liability coverage will cover the defense as well as the damages.
  • Loss of Use: If the damage under a covered peril is so bad that you can’t live in your home, then a loss of use coverage kicks in and pays for extra expenses you have while living away from home.

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