6 Top Home Insurance Terms Explained

If you’ve never owned a house before (and even if you have), there are likely many home insurance terms that are mystifying to you. The list of more commonly used words and phrases below should help to shed some light. However, you’d benefit from talking to an agent from Boss Insurance Agency of the Kingwood, TX area about anything that’s confusing to you in your policy documents. 

  • Additional Insured – This is a person or party besides the policyholder added to the policy and will receive coverage. 
  • Claim – A request to your insurance company that they pay you after you’ve experienced a loss. Once the company validates the claim, you’ll receive a payment.
  • Exclusion – A type or cause of loss that isn’t specifically covered by your home insurance policy. There should be a section in your policy that lists them and is labeled “exclusions.” 
  • Hazard – This refers to an action, circumstance, condition, or situation that indicates a loss is more likely to occur. 
  • Inventory – You would conduct a home inventory to present your agent with a list of possessions and their amounts of value so that you can quickly and easily settle claims and report any losses on your tax forms. 
  • Perils – A peril would be a specific risk or cause of loss that’s covered by your policy. Some examples are collision, explosion, fire, water damage, and theft. 

When you’re getting homeowner’s insurance, you don’t need to make it a point to understand every single word of the paperwork. It is still important that you know what the major terms mean so that you aren’t surprised to learn what isn’t covered or if there are certain steps you need to take when filing an insurance claim. Contact the experts at Boss Insurance Agency, serving the Kingwood, TX area, and you’ll have some peace of mind.