Home Insurance in Texas

Home insurance is great to have because if your home or property within your home is destroyed or damaged by something such as a storm or even a fire, your home insurance policy will cover it. A home insurance policy will financially keep you protected. A reliable insurance agent can help tailor your home insurance policy here at Boss Insurance Agency in Kingwood, TX to fit your needs.

Home Insurance Requirements

The good news is that Texas does not have any laws requiring homeowners to obtain insurance. However, your lender can still require you to obtain it if you have a current mortgage, meaning you still owe money on your home. While it is legal not to have it, it is still highly recommended since it can protect your home and your assets.

Home Insurance Coverage

You can choose from a few different types of coverages for your home and combine them into one policy. Here are some of the most common home insurance coverages that you can choose from:

  • Dwelling - If your home is destroyed or damaged by a storm or a fire, this coverage will cover all expenses.
  • Personal property - If things in your home such as clothing, furniture, or anything else gets destroyed, damaged, or even stolen, this coverage will cover necessary expenses.
  • Other structures - If structures that are not attached to your homes, such as a detached garage, fences, and storage sheds, become destroyed for whatever reason, this coverage will cover repair expenses.
  • Loss of use - If you need to move while your home is in the process of being repaired, this coverage will pay for any additional living expenses such as food, rent, or anything else.

Personal liability and medical payments coverage are also options you can choose from for your home insurance policy.


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