Tips to prepare your boat for a storm

Weather can be unpredictable here in the Kingwood, TX area, so it’s important to prepare your boat for a storm.

Here are some tips from us at Boss Insurance Agency to help you get ready:

1. Check the Weather Forecast:

Before you head out on the water, take time to check the weather forecast. Pay attention to any specific warnings that may be issued and plan accordingly.

2. Secure Your Boat:

Make sure everything is properly secured onboard, including extra lines and fenders. You don’t want anything flying off or getting damaged in the storm. 

3. Inspect Your Vessel:

Check your boat for leaks or any other issues that could arise during bad weather conditions. 

4. Have Necessary Supplies on Hand: Make sure you have necessary supplies such as flares, life jackets, first aid kits, etc., in case of emergency. 

5. Fill Up Fuel Tanks:

Make sure your fuel tanks are full so you can keep running during a windy day or if you need to make an emergency maneuver in rough seas. 

6. Have a Plan:

Know where you are going and how to get there before leaving port. Make sure you have an escape route in case the weather turns bad quickly, as well as a place to seek shelter along the way. 

7. Anchor or Dock Securely:

When anchoring or docking your boat for the night, make sure you do it securely and safely. This will help protect your vessel from any rogue waves or strong winds that could come up. 

Keep Your Boat Insurance Updated

By taking these simple steps ahead of time, you can ensure your safety and protect your vessel from any potential damage that a storm may bring its way! For more tips, call us at Boss Insurance Agency today. We serve the Kingwood, TX area.

Does boat insurance cover water skiers?

Picture this: You’re out on the lake, enjoying the warm summer sun and the freshwater smell. You’ve got your boat, and your friends, and everyone is having a great time. Suddenly, someone falls while water skiing and sustains some injuries. Will your boat insurance cover them? Boss Insurance Agency is here to answer your questions about boat and watercraft insurance in Kingwood, TX.

Water Skiers Are Usually Covered Under Boat and Watercraft Liability Insurance

There are a few things you need to know about boat insurance and what it covers. Most standard boat insurance policies will cover you for liability if someone is injured while on your boat. This includes water skiers, wakeboarders, tubing, and even swimmers who are hurt while in the water near your boat. And just so you know – Injuries that occur while people are loading or unloading from your boat are also usually covered.

But There Are Some Exceptions

However, there are some situations where boat insurance will not cover injuries. For example, if someone is hurt while using equipment that came with the boat, such as oars or a tow rope, they may not be covered. Additionally, most policies exclude coverage for racing boats or boats used for commercial purposes.

Boss Insurance Agency is Here to Help

So, does boat insurance cover water skiers from Kingwood, TX? The answer is usually yes, but there are some exceptions. The best way to know for certain is to check the coverage listed in your policy. Contact an agent at Boss Insurance Agency to look at your policy to see if water skiing (or any other activity) is covered. We’ll make sure you have the coverage you need.  Then go out and have fun!