How Can I Determine My Flood Risk?

If you live in the greater Kingwood, TX area, chances are that your property has a moderate to high flood risk. Boss Insurance Agency is here to help you navigate your flood insurance options. 

Flood Insurance: What You Need To Know

There are two main reasons you should get flood insurance in Texas: 

Floods are the number one natural disaster in Texas

Although “Flash Flood Alley,” which includes places like Austin, has a higher flooding potential than most parts of Texas, every area in the state, including Kingwood TX, is vulnerable to flooding and other natural disasters. 

Homeowners’ insurance in Texas doesn’t cover floods

Most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover floods, even those that take place due to natural disasters that are covered under their policies. For example, if your roof gets damaged in a hurricane, your insurance policy will likely pay for wind- or hail-related damages but not for water damage caused by flooding. 

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As you can see, having flood insurance, especially if you live in the state of Texas, is extremely important. But if you’re considering purchasing flood insurance, you’ll need to determine your risk of flooding. Your flood risk is determined by the climate of your region as well as factors specific to the exact location of your property, e.g., low vs. high ground. 

Thanks to FEMA and the NFIP, there’s a wealth of resources available to help you evaluate the general risk of flooding in your area. To determine whether your property is in a flood plain, you can use the Legal Service Corporation (LSC) flood zone lookup. 

Although the NFIP issues most flood insurance policies, you can also purchase flood insurance through private agencies such as Boss Insurance Agency, which serves the Kingwood, TX area and other parts of Texas. For a free, no-obligation consultation and overview of our services, contact us at 832-955-7288 or email one of our agents.