Will my auto insurance pay for the treatment of the injuries I incurred from my wreck?

The Diverse Benefits of Auto Insurance

Auto insurance affords an array of benefits, including liability coverage, and can potentially span additional forms of coverage. However, Auto insurance policies are tremendously varied, and their coverage range can differ considerably. State laws mandate all drivers to possess liability insurance as a minimum. However, most auto lenders require drivers to have more than liability coverage until the financed vehicle is paid off in full. Our team at Boss Insurance Agency is dedicated to helping Kingwood, TX drivers comprehend state requirements and explore their coverage options.

Understanding the Different Types of Auto Insurance

Liability auto insurance is mandatory for all drivers. Nevertheless, such insurance covers property damage and medical injuries for the other party involved in the accident, not the policyholder. Therefore, if you’re at fault for a mishap, your liability insurance covers the costs of such situations. Comprehensive and collision insurance should be considered for drivers wishing to secure coverage for their losses. These two types of insurance cover both stationary incidents like theft, vandalism, damage from natural disasters, and accidents, irrespective of fault. At times, drivers are required to hold both liability insurance to satisfy state laws and comprehensive auto insurance to meet the lender’s requirements.

Will Auto Insurance Cover My Medical Expenses Post-Accident?

The answer to this query is mainly dependent on the type of insurance coverage you have. Auto liability insurance doesn’t offer coverage for the policyholder. It covers the other party involved in the incident. Nevertheless, collision and comprehensive coverage provide property damage coverage and coverage for your injuries. If you don’t possess these types of auto insurance, your injuries and property damage will not be covered. If you have more queries about auto insurance and want to explore your coverage options, feel free to contact us – Boss Insurance Agency in Kingwood, TX is here to help.